Who we are

BE1 is an exciting architectural practice with studios in Bedford, London.

We design for LARGE and SMALL

Our services include Masterplanning, Urban Design and Architecture. As a design studio, we provide a tailored service for all size projects, from XS to XL, supported by our technical expertise.

We build what we design

We don’t just design buildings. Since our foundation, we have built a portfolio of high quality projects in the private and public-sector. However, we don’t just build what we design, we actually build what we plan, very often taking projects from master plan level through to construction on site


We understand Value

BE1 is set up to maximise value, working on complex projects, involving multiple stakeholders. Our collaborative approach to design is supported by the technology we use to analyse, test and evaluate our designs with stakeholders and other disciplines. This inspires informed architecture, which offers our clients the chance to make informed design decisions.

 We aspire to maximise each projects’ potential

Our work is informed by all that relates to its performance, being the user, the context/environment or its efficiency, resulting in clever architecture, materialised with elegance and generosity.

Our approach to Architecture, Urban Design and Masterplanning is focused on the need to design low energy developments and buildings. To meet these targets, form the start of a project, we work closely with our environmental colleagues who we collaborate with on all our projects from the outset. This analytical and collaborative approach ensures we are maximising each sites potential to create low energy developments and add project specific enhancements. Our expertise is supported by the right tools and technology, that allow us to communicate design ideas and collaborate with stakeholders.

The studio culture at BE1 is set up to support our role as lead consultant on a range of project types. This requires a transparent approach to design that focuses on those issues that are most beneficial to the project. To support this culture, we have quality control processes in place, which include regular design review and technical workshops. These ensure that all that leaves our studio is of the same consistent high level of quality. The use of BIM technology further underpins the process of collaborative working, enhances H&S by creating predictability on site and ultimately helps to achieve a high quality controlled product.

We have Success

Our close collaboration with colleagues in Planning, Transport and Environmental services has taught us a proactive approach to design, which substitutes risks for predictability.

Our studio team have a broad experience in Technology and Management, required to be able to lead this process. We have applied this approach to many of our projects and have delivered on its success with consistently high quality and innovative design solutions that maximises its value.



We have a broad experience in residential projects, that spans across our expertise in Masterplanning, Urban Design and Architecture. We lead at the forefront of new legislation, policies, standards, needs and trends. We apply our experience to all types of residential developments, from individual houses, residential neighbourhoods, terraced housing, regeneration projects, multi storey and multi-use developments.

Access to the latest technology, use of design tools and professional approach to architecture means we can deliver innovative designs for a Paragraph55 House to maximising high density residential developments.

In this context we have experience in working with:

  • Local Authorities, delivering on their policy commitments
  • House Builders, working with their standards
  • Residential Developers, preparing an informed design response
  • Landowners, maximising the value of a site
  • Private Clients, providing a tailored design service


We are passionate about education projects and have brought our experience to Early Years, Primary, Secondary, SEN and Special Schools, working for government, local authorities, sponsors, operators, teachers, students and contractors, forging relationships that benefit schools.

In this context we have experience in working with:

  • Local authorities, to develop their estate strategies,
  • LA Schools, to develop their education vision and realise their aspirations,
  • Free School and Academy operators to deliver their particular vision for learning and teaching in both new build and refurbished academies,
  • Special Schools to transform their buildings and grounds in to engaging, sensory and caring environments,
  • VA and independent schools, in assisting them to deliver their educational needs and maximise the value it brings to the school and their community

Bedford Studio (HQ)
5 Abbey Court
Fraser Road
MK44 3WH 

Tel: 01234 261 266
email: enquiries@be-1.co.uk

London Studio
The Green House,
41-42 Clerkenwell Green,

Tel: 01234 261 266
email: enquiries@be-1.co.uk

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