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Bedford Modern School

Bedford Modern School, Refectory and Sixth Form Centre

With the increase in pupil numbers and the introduction of girls into the 6th form at Bedford Modern School, BE1 were commissioned to the design the expansion of the school, providing new and independent facilities on the school grounds.

Located at the highest point on the school grounds, the building offers spectacular views over the Ouse Valley. The building comprises two wings in an ‘L’ shape, each with two storeys with a central area in a radial form which accommodates the dining area which is fully glazed to maximise the views. The first provides a terrace off the 6th form common room.

The building serves two separate functions, in the first instance it provide a refectory for the whole school at ground floor and secondly a 6th for centre on the first floor. This includes a common room study and separate teaching areas. The two main aims of the design was to maximise the views from the communal areas and to create light and bright spaces in contrast to the more intimate study areas.