Our work focuses on seeking out feasible options for urban and regional development, and delivering a relevant and lasting solution.

In essence, a master plan is a document that balances a multitude of aspirations evolved and informed by a wide range of disciplines to form a viable basis for the development.

At BE1 we prepare master plans that set out proposals for land uses, spaces and movement illustrated in two and three dimensions, showing how streets and open spaces can be connected and weaved into the context and its landscape. These plans are often used to illustrate a ‘vision’ in support of sites that are being promoted through the local plans process.

Master planning requires a combination of strategic thinking with a coordination of technical analysis. This enables a thorough understanding of how the physical and the environmental constraints and opportunities can be brought together to create ‘successful places’ for resilient communities. The process we adopt is collaborative, bringing together people from various disciplines and backgrounds, to think and shape physical change on a large scale.

Supported by our colleagues in Planning and Environmental Design, local policies and local character inform our designs from the earliest stage, whilst designing for the future. This enables us to maximise value for our clients, whilst creating a distinct identity and character that become attractive places for future. generations.

Our master planning services include:

  • Visioning
  • Strategic masterplans
  • Review of growth areas
  • New neighbourhoods
  • Development frameworks
  • Land use frameworks and land use budgets