In essence, a master plan is a document that balances a multitude of aspirations evolved and informed by a wide range of disciplines to form a viable basis for the development.

At BE1 we prepare masterplans that set out proposals for buildings, spaces, movement, landscape and land use in two and three dimensions, showing how streets and open spaces can be connected. These plans are often used to illustrate a ‘vision’ in support of sites that are being promoted through the local plans process.

Master planning requires a combination of strategic thinking with a coordination of technical analysis. This enables a thorough understanding of how the physical and the environmental constraints and opportunities can be brought together to create ‘successful places’, for strong communities. The process we adopt is collaborative, carry out community engagement, bringing together people from various disciplines and backgrounds, to think and shape physical change on a large scale.

Learned from our experience, we have an understanding of what determines the value of development sites. This enables us to strike a balance between commercial and community aspirations whilst safeguarding good urban design principles. This approach is suited for all types of masterplans, being a Commercial Development, University Campus or Garden City.

Supported by our colleagues in Planning and Environmental Design, local policies and local character inform our designs from the earliest stage, whilst designing for the future, using the latest technology. This enables us to maximise value for our clients, whilst creating a distinct identity and character that become attractive places to live, work and relax.

Our master planning work involves:

  • Visioning
  • Strategic masterplans
  • New neighbourhoods
  • Development frameworks
  • Land use budgets

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